This is the new site format with some different options, and it should be easier to use than the original site. The site is also completely mobile friendly, so you can use it on a tablet, iPad, phone, etc.

Some new features...

Owners can enter max bids on players
  • If another owner's bid does not reach your max bid amount, that player will be automatically signed to you at the league minimum bid amount above the current highest bid when the auction ends
  • This prevents the back and forth bidding of the minimum amount, and let's you set a max amount you're willing to pay for a player
Owners can start auctions or nominate players for auction
  • Nominated players go in the auction queue for the commissioner to start the auction
  • Players started in the auction, or nominated for auction, will automatically start with that team owner's bid at the league minimum salary
Relevant information is now displayed on the Team Owner's page
  • Summary of your available cap/funds
  • Your current roster and salaries
  • Your pending regular and max bids, and bid changes, are updated instantly - you can watch from your team page
  • Your email notification settings
New Commish functions
  • Auction End Dates are easily set with a calendar popup that also selects time of the day
  • League salary caps are set once in the league settings, this applies to all teams
  • Team starting cap/funds can be adjusted easily